Dick Raaijmakers and Klaas de Vries in the winter edition of Dag in de Branding on 13 December

In the dark December days between Sinterklaas and Christmas you can once again treat yourself to the surprising sounds of new music in the Dag in de Branding Festival. Work by composer Dick Raaijmakers also plays a pivotal role in this edition.

A great deal of Raaijmakers’ compositions form a commentary on work by other composers – sometimes implicitly for those in the know, but more often than not explicitly, such as in Der Fall Leiermann. This piece confers a leading role on the hurdy-gurdy man from Schubert’s famous song cycle Winterreise (Winter Journey). This cycle, from 1827, is every bit as fascinating today as it was then, and not only challenges singers, but also gives composers food for thought. So too Klaas de Vries, who, together with film-maker Kees Hin, realised a 'composed interpretation' of Schubert’s piece. And that Schubert’s famous ballad Erlkönig has also found universal resonance is demonstrated by the ballad by Raaijmakers, which literally may be called music of the spheres: an 'electronic' Erlkönig created from fragments of sound that Raaijmakers plucked out of the ether. Both programmes take place in Korzo theatre.

The evening programme begins in the Dr Anton Philipszaal, where the Royal Conservatory’s Symphony Orchestra will perform, among other things, the violin concerto by Alban Berg, featuring as soloist the young virtuoso Shin Sihan. The jury that awarded Shin the Anton Kersjes violin scholarship last year called him ‘… an exceptionally talented violinist. His convincing and intelligent performance makes you think you are listening to an experienced soloist, whereas in fact he is still in the early days of his musical studies.

We round off the evening in the beautiful Kloosterkerk in The Hague, with the mystical Honderd nachten, honderd jaren (A hundred nights, a hundred years) by Klaas de Vries. It is about love that drives one mad, beauty that is unattainable, cherished dreams and lost illusions, being young and growing old and the eternal mystery of time, life and death. ‘With a subtle feeling for colour and timing, Klaas de Vries frees you from time and space. He links the sound of an old organ with that of an electric guitar and lets the ancient sounds of the pan pipes merge with drums and priest-like male singing.’ (Quote from Volkskrant newspaper.)

14.00 Korzo
Gerrie de Vries, soprano
Ellen Corver, piano
Kees Hin, film
Klaas de Vries – Winterreise

from 15.30 Het Nutshuis
Institute for Sonology
Jan Boerman – Kringloop

16.00 Het Nutshuis – de Filmkluis
Op zoek naar een vergeten toepassing (In search of an obsolete technique)
NPS documentary by Jacqueline Oskamp about composer and visual artist Dick Raaijmakers

17.00 Korzo
Institute for Sonology
Kees Tazelaar, sound director
Johan van Kreij, projection
Gilius van Bergeijk, as hurdy-gurdy man
Marie Guilleray, soprano
Dick Raaijmakers – Mao Leve!
Luigi Nono – La fabbrica illuminata
Dick Raaijmakers – Der Fall Leiermann
Dick Raaijmakers – Ballade Erlkönig

20.15 Dr Anton Philipszaal
Royal Conservatory Symphony Orchestra
Jac van Steen, conductor
Shin Sihan, violin
Anton Webern – 6 Orchesterstücke
Alban Berg – Vioolconcert
Arnold Schönberg – 5 Orchesterstücke

22.00 Kloosterkerk
De Helling
Klaas de Vries – Honderd nachten, honderd jaren

Passe-partout Saturday 13 December € 55. Make a reservation via: www.dagindebranding.nl You can buy individual tickets for concerts from the various venues.

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Tijdens Festival Dag in de Branding laten de Haagse podia, het Residentie Orkest en diverse ensembles je kennismaken met de nieuwste muziek. Drie keer per jaar organiseren zij met elkaar een festival vol ontdekkingen op verschillende locaties in Den Haag. De makers van nu staan centraal. Ontmoet de componisten en praat na met de musici. Wat fascineert hen en hoe hoor je dat terug in het werk?

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