New work by Peter Adriaansz at Festival Dag in de Branding

To zero in on music now – that is Saskia Lankhoorn’s aim. It is her programming that will shape festival Dag in de Branding for two seasons, and she certainly realizes her ambition in this edition. It promises to be a festival full of premieres, written by composers from all corners of the world. Saskia has chosen pieces with contemporary themes and crossovers with theatre, which are often given an extra dimension through live electronics. She is even taking the audience to a new location, a power plant (Electriciteitsfabriek), which is a rugged yet poetic spot that has quickly become the darling of Hague-based artists.

Peter Adriaansz, in the piece he wrote especially for Ensemble KlangWatts, takes a close look at a current phenomenon: broad is the new deep. Adriaansz examines the notion put forward by novelist and essayist Alessandro Baricco (The Barbarians, 2010) that surfing on a computer is a metaphor for how modern society stands in the world. By simultaneously juxtaposing text (by philosopher Alan Watts) and sounds from the surroundings with the music, Adriaansz poses the question: can or may music still be absolute? Watts is the second movement of a new full-length piece ‘How to live a life’.

And there is more new work in the program in March 10! Falling is an intimate performance co-created by American soprano Maribeth Diggle, and Argentinian/Dutch composer Ezequiel Menalled. Susanne Abbuehl and Wolfert Brederode have been performing together on stage for at least ten years. Susanne asked her former composition professor Diderik Wagenaar to write a new piece for the duo. The Belgium Nadar Ensemble, famous for its multidisciplinary adventures, presents a zesty programme which proves that a concert can be more than simply listening to music.

The festival opens in Korzo with a solo performance by pianist Kaja Draksler. Originally a jazz pianist, Draksler has developed an unconventional and highly personal idiom: a surprising cocktail of avant-garde jazz, new music and a traditional repertoire from Slovenia. She will sometimes prepare the grand piano, she will frequently improvise, but she always grabs the listener’s attention with her lucid sound.

Program Saturday March 10

3.00 pm Korzo Kaja Draksler, solo performance 

4.15 pm Studio Loos Ezequiel Menalled & Maribeth Diggle, Falling 

6.00 pm Electriciteitsfabriek Ensemble Klang, Watts by Peter Adriaansz (2018) 

8.15 pm Korzo Susanne Abbuehl & Wolfert Brederode, Eleonora by Diderik Wagenaar (2017) 

9.00 pm Korzo Nadar Ensemble, Tomorrow you may sing in paradise

Jessie Marino – Rot Blau

Simon Steen-Andersen – Study#1

Natasha Diels – An Economy of Means

Cathy van Eck – Silver Breath

Jennifer Walshe – 1984, it’s OK!

Tickets You can order your tickets for the festival edition of 10 March 2018 here: The passe-partout is valid for all concerts on the day. If you wish to buy a single ticket for one of the concerts you will find a link to the website of the venue in question.

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